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June 06, 2020

Great Gatsby

Netlify CMS Media Configuration

First, in your static/admin/config.yml, make sure you have the following:

media_folder: content/assets
public_folder: ../assets


Gatsby Plugins

From @cwgw:

So digging a little deeper, it looks like Gatsby only looks for “subplugins” at one specific path, options.plugins.

gatsby-plugin-mdx uses options.gatsbyRemarkPlugins. This is fine for transforming markdown as the plugin handles that itself, but Gatsby-specific api files like gatsby-browser.js don’t get loaded because Gatsby doesn’t know they exist.

If you try this…

  resolve: 'gatsby-plugin-mdx',
  options: {
    gatsbyRemarkPlugins: [ `gatsby-remark-images` ],
    plugins: [ `gatsby-remark-images` ],

…everything works as it should.

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